Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tips for Selling at a Kid's Consignment Sale

Since 2010, I have organized a children's consignment sale in Richmond, Virginia. We just finished up our spring sale so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few tips for anyone new to consignment:

  1. Get to know your sale. See what other sellers are bringing and how they are pricing items. 
  2.  Keep it seasonal. Bring short sleeved tops and bottoms in the spring and long sleeved shirts and jeans in the fall.
  3. Quickly run an iron over your clothing. It's all about presentation!
  4. Don't bring worn, stained clothing. It hurts the reputation of the sale which will end up hurting your     bottom line too!
  5. Price to sell. Again, overpriced merchandise hurts the sale's reputation and won't sell either.
  6. If the sale allows it, assemble playpens, cribs, high chairs, etc. 
  7. Find out if your sale offers perks for things such as friend referrals or volunteer shifts. You might be able to bypass the registration fee or earn a higher percentage of your sales by helping out.
  8. Use printed tape or ribbon on your hangers to easily find and sort your items at pick-up.
  9. Tell everyone you know about the sale! Word of mouth is a huge traffic source for consignment sales. My friends usually end up buying a ton of my stuff too! We all just have great taste. ;-)