Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dust Settles.

So all of the craziness that was the Monday's Child Spring Sale is over. My days will now be spent doing damage control on the mess that I just never seemed to have the time to take control of. Oh and of course enjoying these beautiful Spring days with Sawyer and Avery. (And taking lots of pictures!)

I bought a few yard of Alexander Henry's Apples and Pears fabric a while back. This is the Tea Party Sundress by Oliver+S. I heart their patterns so much, easy to follow with stunning results! 

Avery is such a girly girl. She loves handbags, make-up, shoes, fancy chairs, brushing her hair, chatting on the phone and doll babies. She's getting a kick out of dragging this bag around. It truly is the little things sometimes!

I have several projects to knock off my list too. I've started redoing the kid's table and I'm really excited to get it finished and share it with everyone! I also have a few dresses and home projects I plan on busting out including a version of this cute spring wreath found here.

Today though, I'll just take deep breath and enjoy my sweet babies. 

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