Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life and Such.

We had a quick glimpse of Spring. 

A quick chance to slide.

A chance for a toddler to strut her stuff!

A chance to relax.

Shoot some hoops.

A chance to swing... your favorite froggy boots!


It hails! And then gets really cold and we all retreat indoors for the next week. Totally lame.

Sawyer had his first art show at school this week. This is his octopus masterpiece. Gotta love the giant eyeballs! 

Someone was handing out these giant gingerbread men to all of the kids. Avery held onto hers the entire time and it was crushed into a million pieces by the end of the evening!

Shannon sent Sawyer to harass this poor kid.

Sawyer's 4 year old class gallery.

This child has boundless energy. I'm terribly envious!

I asked him to smile and say 'cheese'. This is what I got! I am going to sorely miss this kid when he's all grown up.

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