Friday, December 17, 2010

Free Pattern: 15-Minute Gift Bag

Time for my first freebie! I saw something similar to these at Tarjay and knew that they would be so fast and easy to make. They are the perfect size for gifts in a jar or a mug full of hot chocolate mix. Use a glue gun to attach cute shapes. I'm imagining little dots, a bird silhouette or a simple Christmas tree!  >>Download here<< 

*I recommend using felt off the bolt since it's sturdier.

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  1. These are darling! What a great idea! I also really like the shape of your bow.

  2. I am so glad you posted this tutorial, I have the felt and I am always running out of bags.

  3. As I wrapped gifts last night, I was feeling very guilty about all the trash I was creating. Thanks for this tutorial-no more paper gift bags! Happy Holidays!

  4. I agree (Laura)... and with these, the recipient can then forward them on with their own gift... or they are useful! Such a simple, yet practical, yet sweet idea!

  5. Do you have the pattern for the bow?