Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm a [Felt] Foodie

I remember looking at adorable felt food since Sawyer was a wee little baby. I don't know why it took me so long to attempt it.

Well actually, I do know why. It looks so intricate and time consuming and I don't have patience for that sort nonsense! Not to mention it involves sewing by hand which is not my forte. But one of Sawyer's favorite games lately has been "Restaurant" and how cute would it be for him to make me, his #1 customer, a delish faux ham sandwich?

Very cute indeed.

Even the baby can appreciate a good deli sandwich. She kept pretending to take little bites and chew it up before offering me a taste! Adorbs!

I'm coaxing him to smile and pretend he's taking a bite. He does not like this idea one bit.

Our little bistro also features ravioli...

...and sushi!

Sawyer is hard at work in the kitchen. Little strips of cut felt make perfect marinara!

Best buds enjoying a chat and some great [felt] eats! 

*By the way, I totally plan on posting tutorials/patterns for these so stay tuned!

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