Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tutorial: Little Swan Rosette Clip

 I have one of those big, clear plastic thingies with drawers that is filled with miscellaneous craft stuff. Patterns, shirts, lace, buttons, beads, fabric markers, ribbon (from my bow-making fail), elastic, etc. etc. etc. etc. literally bulging out of the drawers. I just can't throw craft stuff away or anything that maybe, just maybe, could be crafted into something else. I just can't.

Every once in a while I dig through this trove when I'm a feeling a little uninspired or bored or whatever. I found my giant box of alligator clips leftover from the aforementioned epic bow fail and a few other odds and ends and decided to make this little clippie. I call it the Little Swan Rosette. 

My craft drawer is now only a smidgen lighter and it will probably always be bulging at the seams. Well, that is until I get around to staging one of those fab craft room redo's that I see everywhere! In other words, never.

Avery is walking like a champ these days too. Soon there will be epic games of tag played in the loop around our bottom level. I can see it now and I can't wait! Now onto the tutorial!

Little Swan Rosette Clip

You will need:
(1x) 3" Felt Circle
(1x) 1" Felt circle
(1x) Alligator Clip
(4x) 3" Fabric Circle
(4x) 3" Tulle circles
(1x) Gem
(1x) 14" Piece lace trim
Sewing Machine or needle for hand-stitching
Hot glue gun

1. Notch your lace ribbon and pin it around the edge of your 3" felt circle. Sew and trim off any excess.

2. Fold two pieces of tulle and two pieces of your other fabric in quarters and trim the edges as pictured:

Still folded in quarters, pin them, alternating, around the base your circle. 

3. Sew them down at the points. 

4. Add another layer in the same manner but alternate but placing your main fabric on top of the tulle and tulle on top of the main fabric. 

4. Sew them down at the points. 

5. Glue the gem in the center. 

6. Stick your 1" felt piece in between the prongs of the alligator clip and glue it to one side.

7. Glue your clippie to the small piece of felt and be forever fabulous!

Or cute or whatever your thing is.

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  1. I love this rosette! The lace is simply stunning! I loved this tutorial so much, I sent a link out on Twitter. Thanks for sharing!