Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! Christmas morning went of without a hitch at our house--Totally out of character for this crew! Here are Santa offerings waiting to be ripped to shreds by eager little sleepyheads:

Followed by being shredded by said sleepyheads:

AND I made a huge brunch for my family that included:
Ok, you all need to try the Hash Brown Casserole, it was scrumptious! I wish I had gotten pictures of the spread but with so much going on, I didn't have a chance. Next year. 

Mmmm, candy at 8am makes hyper boys even hyperER!

Of all these new toys, Avery is still smitten with a partially deflated balloon. Figures.

Mommy getting her present.

This was the best gift by far! Matted and framed drawing of Hankey the Christmas Poo circa 1990-something by yours truly. Thanks Mom, good times, good times. This guy lives behind our powder room commode now, where he should have been all along!

Onto New Years!

New Years Eve was a shopping marathon with one of my besties followed by drinking champagne and watching the Snooki Ball Drop. (I hope none of you wasted your countdown on that nonsense.) I don't have any pictures or good stories by I did want to share my list of resolutions for 2011.

  1. Go Vegetarian
  2. Get Fit
  3. Get Organized
  4. Buy more local and handmade
  5. Wake up early
  6. Wear sunscreen everyday
  7. Take a vitamin everyday
  8. Plan every day ahead
  9. Eat cleaner
  10. Become a hopeless optimist
So far the optimist thing isn't working out. It's just that time...just that womanly time. But annnyyywayys, I'm excited about eating a cleaner, vegetarian diet and I'll be sure to post all of the awesome veggie recipes I try! Happy 2011 everyone! 

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